Program Management



All inclusive, management, compliance, instruction and supervision of staff is what your public safety program will receive from our team.

With this unique, seamless, one stop service, we can completely manage every aspect of your department ensuring that instructors are vetted including criminal background checks and drug testing and that they meet and maintain all licensing and regulatory requirements.


We offer public safety program instructors on a temporary or permanent lease bases.
All instructors are fully vetted including criminal background checks, drug testing and certification and experience verified. We maintain all regulatory compliance.

Programs include: Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement-Private Security, Criminal Justice, Medical and Legal.

In addition, our team will work cohesively  with your school to market, manage and produce courses relevant to area needs and demographics, handle all administrative functions as well as provide engaging and interactive training during all classes.


With 40 years of public safety, law enforcement and first responder employment, training and first hand, real world experience, we are well prepared to help your school design, expand or initiate a public safety or private security training department, program or curriculum.
We also offer consulting and educational support services to private and public schools worldwide.

If your school is looking to expand your student base through the development of new and exciting Public Safety course curriculum or start a new program, or maybe you are just beginning your due diligence into the creation of a whole department surrounding the growing field of emergency services, criminal justice, public safety, law enforcement and private security, we would love to talk with you about the idea of blended services or on-site program management.

All of our executive staff have personal knowledge and experience in all aspects of first responder and public safety services through employment and hands on experience as well as many years of instructing these courses to students, former and current emergency responders, law enforcement and private security officers, faculty and recruits.

Please feel free to call us for further information or a free consultation.