Private Security Training – South Carolina

Private Security Training

Available at our offices or we can come to your business, school or church!

Armour Institute provides the training required by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to qualify students to obtain a license as a Security Officer.
Our Certified Instructors provide the required unarmed security and firearms training to qualify students to be licensed by SLED.

Armour also provides the state mandated continuing education credit training for private security officers which includes firearms re-certification and advanced firearms techniques.

Armour Instructors are former law enforcement and security professionals who provide training in all aspects of investigation and security services as well as an array of other courses.

SLED Security Training: South Carolina Certified Private Security Officer

We offer the following SLED approved courses:

SLED I, Basic four hour core course. This class is the introductory basic South Carolina course for unarmed security officers. It includes general duties, report writing and arrest authority for security officers.
This course does require a written exam to demonstrate your understanding of the laws pertaining to the security officer arrest and basic security officer power and authority. The class will prepare you to start your career as a Certified Private Security Officer.

SLED II (Revolver Training),
This course includes firearm responsibilities for private security officers, firearm safety and tactics and a skills qualification course of fire.

SLED III (Semi-automatic firearms training and qualification)

We instruct our students through lectures and scenario driven training to prepare each student for their real life duties.


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Other Training Available:

OC Certification

Handcuffing Certification

CEW/Taser Certification

Use of Force Certification

Workplace Violence Courses

Active Shooter Response

Report Writing

Nightclub Security

Church Security Team


Emergency Medical Response

We also offer more than 200 other courses and certifications
available on-line or on-site.