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Private Investigator
Career Diploma


Being a private investigator (PI) is interesting, exciting, and intriguing, which makes it one of the hottest careers for men and women today. Even with today’s struggling economy, there is no downturn for PIs. The escalation in crimes, fraud, and identity theft means a high demand in the job market for skilled, properly trained PIs. You can either become a specialist and focus your expertise exclusively on areas such as criminal defense, product liability, insurance fraud, and accident reconstruction, or you can become a generalist and work cases ranging from marital/custody to skip-tracing to high-tech intelligence gathering for multi-national corporations. There is so much opportunity regardless of the area of the country that you live in.

In just three to six months, you can turn your passion into an exciting new career and begin solving cases. Very few careers have such short but effective training programs.


Today, most worthwhile careers require years of education and training and then offer only limited opportunities to enter the field after graduation. With Armour College, you can immediately apply your new skills to a new career in private investigation or to advance your current career as a PI.

Our course is taught by working, seasoned private investigators!

  • Intro to Private Investigations
  • Background Investigation and Research
  • Skip Tracing and Locating Missing Persons
  • Using Today’s Technology
  • Surveillance and Surveillance Photography
  • Business Crimes Investigations
  • Legal Scope of Authority
  • The Justice System
  • Serving Process
  • Starting and Managing Your Agency

Prerequisite: High School Diploma
Study Method: On-line or campus study
Program Length: As few as 6 Months

$ 695
Payment Options Are Available

Typical Tasks
Specific tasks typically required of a private investigator may not always be as TV and movies have portrayed the profession but will  include interviewing clients, suspects and witnesses, preparing documents, conducting surveillance, writing reports and legal support services.

Potential Positions
Private investigators may be self-employed and contract their services to individuals,  attorneys and businesses or may work for an investigations or law firms, or corporations.

Employment Outlook
The employment viability for this career is strong as law enforcement agencies  continue to have smaller budgets and staffing shortages and businesses and the general public turn to private law enforcement and investigators to solve crimes and investigate wrongdoings. Virtually all job openings will stem from permanent position openings while some may stem from those who go to different  occupations or leave the labor force.
Within one year after graduation, the estimated employment rate for this program is 95%.
The typical graduate starting wage is $45,000 with a wage potential of $65,000.