Currently, Armour College offers more than 120 courses that can all be delivered in a seminar format anywhere, anytime.

Seminars are delivered in several formats including traditional classroom style, high energy student involved interactive methods, small group settings and even smaller break-out groups involving just a few students at a time.

We also offer entry level security officer state certification training in Washington DC., Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina and numerous other states.

Armour College can also create a course or seminar that specifically meets your needs!

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Local and Regional Seminars
Now, more than 200 courses are available in a seminar format. Many are delivered interactively-hands on which engages the student to participate and learn by taking an active role in their training.


Seminars can be formatted into 1 day or multiple day event.

Some of our most popular seminars include:

Church Security Training
This course covers all areas of physical security, threat assessment, recruiting and training security staff and contract services.

Use of Force
Starting with basic classroom instruction on the use of all levels of force, deployment tactics and methods, civil law and case law, general liability and then we build into an interactive-hands on  situational training putting the student in the mix of real life scenarios.

15 Innovative Services to Expand Market Share
Contract security companies have long been known to offer the basics of private security.: a menu of guards, patrols and sometimes investigators. But clients want more services and there are many other creative, innovative and cutting edge ways to grow a private security company. This 2 day seminar explores options and gives a clear path to growing market share and increasing revenues.

Business Contracts 101
1 Day seminar covers the basic of constructing a security agreement, service contracts, employee non-compete and confidentiality clauses, debt recovery and navigating civil law and civil courts. This course is an absolute necessity for any agency owner in this litigious world.

Retail Security
Loss prevention and mall security public safety officers are often depicted as mall cops and characters from movies which is far from the reality of the duties of today’s retail security professional.

This 3 day seminar covers duties of today’s retail security officer, emergency response, crime scene protection, organized retail crime, use of force, liability aspect of job, enforcement of civil rules and much more!