course Water – Pool Guard

Pool Guard

Commercial pools including recreational facilities may employ a pool guard separately from the lifeguard position.

Both have separate but similar duties and responsibilities and some duties may also be interchangeable such as water safety, first-aid and rescue.

Pool guards are also used to check pool passes of residents/guests to limit trespassing and unauthorized use of the amenities, monitor “out of water” conduct, enforce rules and regulations, secure and unsecure offices or structures, and monitor or control overall safety and regulation compliance.

These positions combine customer service skills with basic security officer functions.

Topics include:

  • Customer service, responding to complaints and violations
  • Confrontational de-escalation techniques
  • Pool safety, hazards, medical emergencies
  • Communication skills including body language, posturing and eye contact
  • Report writing and documentation

This eight hour classroom course offers a comprehensive study of specific duties in both areas.