course Water – Lifeguard


Our training will prepare the student  for a professional career as a certified lifeguard.

Minimum age – 15 Years old. The Lifeguard Training course  includes a swimming pretest* the first day of class, rescue skills for  shallow and deep water, spinal injury management skills, CPR skills, AED skills, First Aid skills and written and in-water skills tests.

Participants should be prepared to enter the water at every class.

*Swimming Pre-test: Tread water for 2 minutes using legs only, swim 300 yards (100 yds front crawl, 100 yds breaststroke, 100 yds of  either stroke) not timed, and do a 20yd swim retrieve a 10lb brick at a  7-10 feet depth, return to the starting point with the brick and exit  the pool without any aid within 1 minute and 40 seconds. All  participants must be able to pass the pre-test to continue the course.

Study Method: Campus based program

Program Length: As few as 3 Months

$ 395
Payment Options Are Available

Typical Tasks
Regardless of where the lifeguard is employed, overall duties will be to protect the public from water injuries  or death, respond to medical emergencies and to keep order in the swimming area while working with other public safety agencies.

Potential Positions
Lifeguard positions can be found at many private and public lakes, parks and swimming pools as well as local river, lake and ocean swimming areas and aquatic or sport facilities.

Employment Outlook
The lifeguard position has seen recent upsurges in employment as private facilities are now staffing pools and  other swimming areas with trained personnel. Many areas recruit both seasonal and year round guards.

Within one year after graduation, the estimated employment rate for this program is 85%.

The typical graduate starting wage is $15,000 with a wage potential of $40,000.