DCJS-06E Special Conservator of the Peace-Armour College

 06E Special Conservator of the Peace

Course Time: 24 Hours

“A “Special conservator of the peace” means any individual appointed by the circuit court pursuant to § 19.2-13 of the Code of Virginia on or after September 15, 2004, to perform only those powers, functions, duties and responsibilities authorized within such geographic limitations as the court may deem appropriate.” (Source DCJS Administrative Code 6 VAC 20-230-10)

 An “Unarmed special conservator of the peace” means a special conservator of the peace registrant who does not carry or have immediate access to a firearm in the performance of his duties.

 Note: Additional training is required for armed SCOP officers. 


06I Special Conservator of the Peace-In-Service
Course Time: 8 Hours

Special Conservator of the Peace In-Service training must be completed every 12 months, prior to expiration. As with the entry level course, all appropriate DCJS forms and fees must be submitted to successfully re-qualify as a Special Conservator of the Peace.


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