course Sec – Security-Law Enforcement Partnerships

Security-Law Enforcement Partnerships
Certificate Course

It’s no secret that the line between public and private law enforcement and frontline security is getting closer everyday.
Private officers transport prisoners between jail, prison, court, medical facilities and make arrests more frequently than many police agencies.
Some state statutes recognize private security as having the same law enforcement authority while on duty and on a client’s property of any police officer and security officers guard our nuclear facilities, schools, military installations, airports and more. They’re often the first on the scene of a crime in progress or medical emergency.

But with these added duties and responsibilities comes the need to work even closer with our local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and to garner mutual respect, cooperation and response agreements.

Course includes:

  • Introduction to cooperation
  • Scheduling initial and monthly meetings
  • Meeting agenda
  • Communication between agency, officers and security
  • Developing alert / BOLO system
  • Joint operations / training
  • Use of mutual radio frequencies
  • Protocols for active shooters, felonies in progress



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