course Sec – Security Consultant

 Security Consultant

Career Diploma

The profession of Private Security Consultants takes on many meanings and is a diversified position which often encompasses those that offer niche consulting to a particular type of business which may involve theft prevention, physical or electronic building security, transportation security or proposal submissions for a combination or personal and business security.

Course topics:

  • Inside the profession-identifying areas of service
  • Role of the consultant
  • Physical assessments
  • Threat assessments
  • Electronic security


  • Physical protection
  • Security management
  • Third party management
  • Risk-liability assessments
  • Techniques to successfully market Consulting Services

Prerequisite: None
Study Method: On-line/campus
Program Length: 10 weeks

$ 395
Payment Options Are Available

Typical Tasks
Specific tasks typically required of a Consultant are broad in nature, but generally involve risk and liability assessments, physical asset protection of property, cash and/or people.

Potential Positions
Consultants through the years have been relied on to act as a guide and a facilitator in a particular area of expertise and experience. Security consultants can be found working for major Fortune 500 companies, private investigation and risk management firms and as a standalone consulting management service.

Employment Outlook
While consultant positions are not as readily available compared to other areas of the private security or investigations field, they are in high demand and the revenues generated by an individual consultant or firm is usually substantially higher than a physical security-investigations firm.