course Sec – Bail Enforcement / Fugitive Recovery

Bail Enforcement / Fugitive Recovery

Bail Enforcement/Fugitive Recovery Agents are responsible for lawfully arresting
and bringing back into custody those who jump bail or violate their conditions of the

What’s in the course:

Our online and campus based training will prepare the agent  for a professional role in the recovery profession and provide all areas of instruction for a successful career in bail enforcement services.

  • Understanding the role of a fugitive recovery agent
  • Distinguishing-understanding the laws that apply
  • Technological methods of skip tracing
  • Methods of surveillance
  • Field investigations
  • Physical arrest and search techniques and limits
  • Establishing a bail enforcement agency

Prerequisite: High School Diploma
Study Method: On-line/campus based
Program Length: As few as 6 Months

$ 595
Payment Options Are Available

Typical Tasks
Specific tasks typically required of a Bail enforcement agent includes skip-tracing, surveillance, shadowing suspected fugitives and apprehension of “bail jumpers.”

Potential Positions
Bail enforcement agents work primarily for bonding companies to apprehend fugitives who have failed to appear in court and meet their bond requirements.

Employment Outlook
The bail enforcement profession has been recognized by US courts for many years and as local law enforcement continues to be understaffed and with few financial resources to locate bail jumpers, the private bail enforcement industry is seeing a substantial growth.

Within one year after graduation, the estimated employment rate for this program is 100%.  

The typical graduate starting wage is $25,000 with a wage potential of $75,000.