course PS – Use of Force

Use of Force
Certificate Course

Training is the key to exercising the right level of force in any incident and imperative in the protection of the officer and the citizen.

The Use of Force training has quickly become a hot button in our public law enforcement training academies, private security agencies and courts as many excessive force cases are coming to light, largely in part because of the cellphone camera and the officer’s own body camera.

In the past several years, dozens of police and security officers have been arrested, found guilty and incarcerated and an even higher number of judgments have been issued in civil courts.

Course Includes:

  • Two types of force recognized by courts
  • Differences between Force Continuum and Constitutional Model
  • Unlawful arrests -unlawful force
  • Force decisions
  • The anatomy of a use of force incident
  • Force incidents by private security/non-sworn officers
  • Articulating a use of force on paper
  • Preparing for civil or criminal cases

$ 295
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Advancements in defensive equipment and tools has given us more choices but have they also caused confusion?

Do we tend to lean toward one weapon more than the others?

Have all of these tools on our belt led to excessive force incidents?

Sometimes more is not a good thing unless we know how and when to use our gear and keep them within our control.