course PS – Handcuffing Certification

Handcuffing Certification
Certificate Course

This class will give the student familiarization with various handcuff types. techniques and uses.

This course focuses on:

  1. Portation (Carrying)
  2. Presentation (Drawing)
  3. Handcuff application techniques
  • Provides efficient restraint tactics for criminal justice personnel without long hours of training
  • The tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced and readily maintained
  • Provides techniques that work 90% of the time on 90% of subjects and retains the ability to disengage or escalate
  • Works effectively for all law enforcement officers
  • The training incorporates drills which simulate the wide variety of street encounters which require restraints
  • Provide you with a understanding of the conditions in which restraints may be used, justification for use and how to document these actions

This course is available:

Armour College brings the school to you!

$ 109
10 Student Minimum
Travel Fee May Apply

This certification is available as part of a multi-day on-site seminar or advanced training as well as being part of several of our advanced security, public safety and law enforcement courses.

All instructors are law enforcement and ASP certified.