course PS – Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence
 Certificate Course

This course is designed to identify what true Domestic Violence is and how to respond, investigate,  and successfully prosecute the offenders while protecting the victim(s).

This program is directed at and a good working model for all first responders including private and public officers, security personnel, emergency medical workers and social service investigators.

This course includes:

  • Scene and officer safety
  • Identifying when a domestic violence act has occurred
  • Types of abusers
  • Non physical signs, body language and unspoken words
  • Separating facts from fiction while separating all parties involved
  • .Understanding the language of the law in your state


  • Woman who use the domestic phrase as power
  • Understanding victim and offender behaviors
  • Difficulties in D.V. prosecutions
  • The dynamics of domestic violence
  • Executive protection orders
  • Stopping the cycle

This course is available:

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$ 395
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This certification is available as part of a multi-day on-site seminar or advanced training as well as being part of several of our advanced security, public safety and law enforcement courses.

All instructors are law enforcement, private security and emergency first responder certified.