course PS – Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness
 Certificate Program

Our world has been made up of many different cultures, religions, beliefs and differences. It’s what has sustained the diversity of life on earth. Workplaces now more than ever before reflect that diversity and differences that make us all a unique individual.

Global competency, the ability to navigate cross-cultural differences in order to communicate effectively, is a key determinant of business success across this country and worldwide. All aspects of business, including relationship building and problem-solving, are impacted by culture.

Cross-Cultural Training has become a standard component in the talent management and development strategies of many leading organizations. Understanding different cultural interactions and business styles enhances team cohesiveness and effectiveness across all corporate functions from sales to procurement, technology, and support services. In the rapidly expanding and changing global marketplace, business leaders are being asked to do more with less support, preparation, time and resources.

This fundamental understanding is also a vital component in effective communication and response for first responders and law enforcement personnel alike.

The purpose of cultural awareness training is to focus on principles that hold promise for moving to a higher level of understanding, acceptance, and appreciation for our diversity.

This course includes:

  • elements of culture
  • forming and leading global and virtual teams
  • understanding cultures
  • recognizing and developing programs for culture awareness and diversity
  • verbiage and body language miscommunications
  • how cultural and diversity difference lead to workplace violence
  • working effectively within a multicultural team

Prerequisite: None
Study Method: On-line and campus study
Program Length: 8 Weeks

$ 395
Payment Options Are Available

This program has several components to it designed for the business world as well as first responders.



Further modules and components can also be added in the course for jail officers, deputies and both front-line law enforcement officers and supervisors.