course Med – Care Technician

Care Technician
Career Diploma

MCT’s are valued “Para-professionals” who have become growing integral partners in the delivery of basic medical care to patients at home and in clinical settings.

What’s in the course

Our online and campus based training will prepare the Medical Care Technician also commonly called Medical Assistants (MA’s) or Healthcare Technicians to provide basic medical assistance for patients at doctors offices, hospitals, home healthcare institutions,senior living or skill nursing facilities or in a home setting. Technicians provide patient care such as taking vital signs and performing CPR, as well as more advanced tasks as authorized state laws.


  • Understanding basic medical terminology
  • Standard patient care
  • Technological methods of patient care
  • Performing patient drug screen collections and specimen security
  • Clinical duties
  • Physical examinations
  • Basic first-aid/CPR including use of  automated external defibrillator (AED’S)

Prerequisite: Since you will be basically spending a lot of time with patients, you must be very attentive, empathic, and extremely responsive to the needs of your patients. An excellent communication skill is also a must. These qualities will definitely help you land a good career in the field of patient care as well as other health care jobs.

Study Method: On-line or campus study

Program Length: As few as 12 Months

$ 595
Payment Options Are Available

Typical Tasks
Specific tasks typically required of a care technician include basic caregiving, basic first-aid, clinical support and patient care and service.

Potential Positions
Care technicians work in clinical and business settings as well as private home care.

Employment Outlook
The care technician will within one year after graduation be able to secure entry level medical assistant positions.
The estimated employment rate for this program is 100%.

The typical graduate starting wage is $25,000 with a wage potential of $40,000.