course Legal – Business Contracts

Business Contracts
 Certificate Program

There are many different types of contracts that security agencies and service providers enter into and understanding the elements of an agreement is essential to any business.

In this ten part training series, we will discuss the seven types of contracts most often used by service providers including:

  1. Service Contract
  2. Lease Agreements
  3. Equipment Contracts
  4. Sub-Contractor Agreement
  5. Non-Compete Agreement
  6. Non-disclosure Agreement
  7. Sub-Contractor Agreement

This course will also cover:

  • Verbal agreements
  • ”The four corner rule”
  • Addenda
  • Parking enforcement/management  agreements
  • Enforcement of contracts
  • ”Making one whole”
  • Recovery of debt process
  • Civil procedures and court system
  • The liability of not having written agreements

Writing and Understanding Contracts is essential for any business owner especially those who provide services, employ staff or lease vehicles, office equipment or sub-contract employees. This course is designed to help the student craft a legal document, understand the “language of the law” understand the debt recovery process and navigate the court system.

The course will be delivered in a secured on-line classroom via pre-recorded lectures that can be accessed at the student’s convenience from home or work.

Prerequisite: None
Study Method: On-line or on campus
Program Length: 10 Weeks

$ 495
Payment Options Are Available

Any person owning or managing any type of business in today’s world must have a basic understanding of contract laws, types of contracts and understand how to construct a valid contract in favor of the business as well as one that would stand up during a litigation threat or actual lawsuit proceedings.

In addition, understanding how to navigate the local, state and federal court systems and knowing basic legal terminology, statutes and federal employer law is essential.