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Certified Mediator
Career Diploma

Mediation and dispute resolution are rapidly growing fields of study and sought-after skills in the workplace. In mediation, a neutral third party (a mediator) works with both parties in a dispute and helps them agree on their own terms to settle the matter, without someone else deciding what is best for them. This comprehensive course will teach you the core skill sets necessary for the practice of mediation.

The Certified Mediator program offers a highly comprehensive conflict resolution education that can help you advance in your present job, add a sought-after skill to your resume, or set up a private practice as a Certified Mediator.


This program includes online or on campus training in mediation and a 60-hour online internship where you can role-play different mediation scenarios as a mediator, disputant, or observer. In addition, upon completion of the program, you’ll be eligible to become a Certified Mediator.

  • Apply advanced dispute-resolution skills to conflict situations
  • Analyze conflict using the concepts of empowerment theory
  • Increase self-awareness regarding approach and reaction to conflict
  • Understand the significance of gender and culture in mediation
  • Understand and apply skills for working through impasse in mediation
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify hidden interests in conflict
  • Facilitate conflict resolution and reach agreement
  • Implement effective communication and relationship skills
  • Demonstrate a stance of neutrality and impartiality in mediation


This program is intended for anyone interested in developing the professional skills necessary to resolve conflicts at work, at home, or in their community.  These skills will provide the foundation for building a private practice as a Mediator. Mediation is open to anyone, regardless of educational background. As such, there are no specific educational prerequisites for this program. Students should have basic computer skills, be comfortable navigating the Internet, be proficient at composing short analysis papers, and have e-mailing capabilities.

Payment Options Are Available

Typical Tasks
Specific tasks typically required of a mediator will depend on area of practice and employer.

Potential Positions 
Mediators work for law firms, governmental agencies, mediation firms and in large corporations and other various private business entities.

Employment Outlook 
Mediators play a vital role in the legal profession, employment and contract negotiations and viability for this career is strong. Virtually all job openings will stem from permanent position openings while some may stem from those who go to different occupations or leave the labor force. Within one year after graduation, the estimated employment rate for this program is 95%. The typical graduate starting wage is $42,000 with a wage potential of $82,000.