What type of courses does Armour Schools offer?

We are unique Public Safety schools offering courses in law enforcement, private security, medical and legal fields, Emergency Medical Service, investigations, business management and we also offer several Chaplain programs through our School of Ministry.

Are courses offered on- line or only through a local campus?

Currently, many of our programs and individual courses may be taken on-line or at one of our campuses.

Can I receive financial aid to attend Armour Schools?

There are several programs that may be available to you depending on certain criteria.
Armour School do participate in The Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program and the Community Back to Work Program as well as accepting scholarships from several other programs.

Are your courses accredited?

Because we are a career and trade college, our programs receive their accreditation or certifications individually. For further information please check our accreditation here.

Will my prior college credit transfer to Armour Schools?

Each student’s situation is different. The best way to determine transfer of credit is to have transcripts sent to the Admissions Office for review. We will work to accept any relevant credits that we can in order to assist our incoming students.

In the case of state certification courses such as a security or EMS program, prior courses will not apply to current certification.

Will my credits from Armour Schools transfer to other institutions?

Again, there is not an easy answer. Each institution decides what credits they will accept.  Many of the courses offered by Armour College and Armour Health and Safety Institute are recognized and accepted by institutions with similar curriculum.

Are courses offered in the evening or on week-ends?

Yes, many of our programs offer both day and evening classes and certain certification courses are available on week-ends.

What is Distance Education?

The Distance Education program offers fully accredited college courses via the computer using World Wide Web, allowing you a convenient and flexible way to take classes. The courses are taught by Armour College faculty. Many of these courses fulfill general education, elective, and major requirements.

How do I take an online course?

Online students must have access to a computer with modem or other access to the World Wide Web, with browser software such as Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer (not version 8). You will communicate with your instructor electronically via email  or the course website. Your instructor will deliver electronic lectures and assignments, and is available to answer questions, provide additional information or explanations if necessary. In addition, students can telephone the instructor or come to campus during designated office hours, if desired.

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