Campus Police


You’ll see Campus Public Safety officers on duty and on patrol keeping our students, staff and visitors safe!

Although everyone shares responsibility for safety on campus, we encourage you to use common sense, take precautions and report all incidents to the Campus Security and Police Department: 804.290.4388.

  • Report an incident or register a complaint
  • Report concerning or threatening behavior
  • Make a general report to Campus Public Safety. You can submit a report with or without your name.
  • Parking in our lots is a privilege and we ask that your vehicle be registered with a current license plate, inspection sticker and be insured.
  • Vehicles that are parked illegally on campus will be issued citations.

Injury and Illness
In the event of a medical emergency, our officers are first-aid and CPR certified as well as being certified in the use of the AED. (automated external defibrillator)

Drug and Alcohol Policy
Students, employees and visitors are expected to observe all Federal, State and local laws and College regulations.

We do not allow alcohol or any type of illegal substances on campus including within your vehicle.

We are committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for the Armour College community. Our team operates on a philosophy that promotes the positive nature of urban education and living experiences for our students, faculty, staff and guests. We hope that this site provides you with helpful information. We encourage you to visit our dean of student affairs or public safety department if you need further assistance.

We provide security for all of campus communities and its facilities 24 hours each day. Our staff are trained professionals who are available to assist the community in a variety of safety and security related areas, including:

  • CPR w/ AED & First Aid Response
  • Provide Certified First Aid & CPR Training
  • Safety Escort Services
  • Crime Prevention Information and Programming
  • Crime Statistics Information & Required Reporting
  • Provide 24 hour Life Safety Equipment Checks
  • Fire/Security Alarm Programming & Response
  • Criminal Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Personal Property Identification
  • Workplace Accident Investigation

ARMOUR SCHOOLS employ Public Safety and law enforcement officers to insure the safety of our students, visitors and faculty.

Our police officers have arrest powers and all law enforcement authority as provided by the Department of Criminal Justice Service or other statutory law.

In addition to a physical security presence, our schools are monitored by the latest in digital electronic surveillance and burglar alarms which are actively monitored around the clock.

We take the security and safety of our students, visitors and faculty very serious.