Armour College and Technical Institute programs and certifications are programmatic accredited, and regulatory certifications are accredited, certified or licensed by individual state agencies or governing bodies.

Workforce Continuing Education training programs are designed to provide instructional opportunities for individuals seeking to gain new and/or upgrade current job-related skills. Training programs can be delivered as a single course or bundled as a series of courses; and provides instruction around skill competencies that lead to a recognized credential (licenses, certification, renewal, registry listing) and/or meets local workforce labor needs.

The accrediting or licensing agencies conduct regular visits at each of the schools and require systematic internal review and reporting and license renewal every two to five years.

We are currently seeking national accreditation as we expand our curriculum. 

Our Schools and/or Instructors Are
Accredited-Certified or Licensed by:
Alabama Public Safety

American Heart Association
American Red Cross
District of Columbia Police Department
Government of the District of Columbia
Occupational and Licensing Administration
National Forensics Association
North Carolina Department of Justice (BPN 007732P1)
Private Protective Services Board (SCO 262501)
Tennessee Department of Insurance and Commerce
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
State Fire Academy
State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS # 88-2101)
Virginia Department of Health

Instructors are also certified in more than forty separate disciplines.

In addition, our state certification programs for EMS, private security, bail enforcement, private investigations, fire service, law enforcement and all other credentialed courses are individually approved by their respective states.

National accreditation is currently in progress. 

Armour College and Armour Tech are licensed and incorporated with future expansions planned in multiple states.

Armour Tech teaches the latest rescue and fire technology to nationally recognized standards such as current NFPA, IFSAC, NFA, IFSTA, and OSHA guidelines.

Memberships – Certifications

The College and/or staff members hold memberships in the following professional organizations:

American Society of Industrial Security

TASER International

American Law Enforcement and Private Security Instructors Association

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association

The International Association of Chiefs of Police

National School Resource Officers Association

National Fire Investigators Association

National Association of Fraud Investigators

National Private Investigators Association

Private Officer International

American Correctional Association

National Association of Independent Schools

American Criminal Justice Association

American Probation and Parole Association

Career College Association

National Association of Fraud Investigators

Over 70 certifications and accreditations are currently active.